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24SPR102 Spelling for Life - Uncovering the simplicity and science of spelling with Lyn Stone (for 3rd - 6th class teachers)

24SPR102 Spelling for Life - Uncovering the simplicity and science of spelling with Lyn Stone (for 3rd - 6th class teachers)

Overhauling your spelling approach?  Wanting to move on from phonics?  Ready to get some new, effective, efficient strategies for spelling improvement?

Then give your students the gift of better spelling by joining Lyn Stone for a full day workshop.

We will cover:

  • Orthographic mapping – can you explain it? What does it have to do with spelling?
  • Rule-breaking words and the real reasons they do this – Don’t get thrown by words doing things your students don’t expect from your phonics teaching!
  • The Letter Y – Is it a vowel or a consonant? What is it even doing here?
  • Syllables – Can knowing syllable emphasis help with spelling? What parts of words do we tend to emphasise? Why?
  • Schwa – If you can’t hear the vowel clearly, it’s likely schwa. How do we help students select the right vowel spelling?
  • Doubling – To double or not to double? If students knew the answer to this, they wouldn’t make the doubling errors we commonly see!
  • Morphemes and spelling – Can you use morphology for spelling improvement or is that just another fad?
  • All your questions re tricky words and spelling patterns – Bring your favourite words and let’s work through them together so they’re your students’ favourites too!
  • A guide to our K-6 Spelling and Handwriting scope and sequence document – Plan for your whole school!

  Included in the workshop price:

  • Tea/coffee and lunch 
  • Optional pre-workshop videos on chapters not covered on the day
  • A downloadable and printed handout with copiable worksheets to keep forever
  • A PowerPoint presentation for immediate classroom use
  • An online resources hub containing relevant information, free videos and and links to anything we talk about during the day


Spelling for Life is a highly acclaimed, internationally recognised teaching and learning program, suitable for teachers of 3rd - 6th class. Those in special education, speech pathology, homeschooling and educational psychology are also keen participants.


Lyn is an educational linguist, author, and CEO of Lifelong Literacy: an education coaching and training organisation.

Her goal is to help educators awaken linguistic curiosity in their students using creative, engaging tools and strategies that are based upon scientific consensus as to what constitutes best practice.

Lyn creates research-informed professional development seminars, both online and face to face, for teachers and other education professionals. She directs a team of specialist practitioners to deliver high quality literacy intervention at Tiers 2 and 3, and a team of school coaches to deliver the best possible Tier 1 literacy instruction.

Her occasional podcast about the lives of prominent education professionals, Loves, Hates and Passions, can be found on Spotify.

Her three books, Spelling for LifeLanguage for Life and Reading for Life have attracted worldwide acclaim and have enjoyed places on various bestseller lists.

Course Details

Course Date 30-05-2024 8:30 am
Course End Date 30-05-2024 3:00 pm
Cut off date 30-05-2024 10:00 am
Fee €100.00
Select Hours 4.5
Speaker Lyn Stone
Location DCU All Hallows College

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