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Erasmus Teacher Training Academies

SYNAPSES – Establishing Teacher Education Networks and Communities of Practice on Teaching for Sustainability Citizenship

The SYNAPSES Erasmus+ Teacher Training Academy for Environmental Education, Sustainability and Fighting Climate Change

In SYNAPSES, we present a vision on how pre-service and in-service programs on teaching for Sustainability Citizenship (SC) could be interrelated and enriched to develop a joint offer with significant European dimension. SC has great potential for cultivating agents of change who not only envision, but also enact solutions to climate change. Teaching for SC can stimulate and lead to an action-including decreasing consumption and demand, developing sustainable food and energy sources, exploring nature-based solutions for the current challenges, using school buildings as teaching tools, and the greening of schoolyards. Arguing for a paradigm shift in the way we view education, the SYNAPSES Academy could demonstrate how our education systems can create new levels of awareness and work towards a sustainable future.